Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Sweet Birthday Celebration for the Wife

Yesterday the wife celebrated her birthday once again, and, like usual, the shower of gifts got to me, too, and in just the way I like.  One of our friends whose cooking talents are a gift she shares with us (you know who you are, CB) offered up her knock-out bread pudding and her makes-me-wanna-shout caramel topping as a birthday gift.  Yes, our trousers are little tighter as a result, but it's worth the squeeze!  Thank you, birthday goddess!  And, happy birthday, dear wife!

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Christina said...

You're too kind! I'm so glad you and the birthday girl enjoyed the pudding! It was fun to make. We had fun visiting campus, and helping D celebrate her day! (And...I can always make more topping. I was brainstorming the variety of foods a person could drown in pecan sauce. It's a pretty endless list, really. Ha!)