Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Long Arm of the Tripod

Daughter, daughter's guy, wife, me in camera as they two folks from Minneapolis aimed to return with their newly acquired transportation.  Turns out, their other car had trouble on the way home and I'm still waiting to find out how the trouble evolves.  We enjoyed having them here and don't like the idea that there's trouble in their lives.  Keep good wishes in mind, please.  


JN said...

Update: they're waiting for a tow truck. For the car they already had, not the new one. Some grace for me in that, but far better? No trouble.

JN said...

They got home safely, then returned the next day for the repaired automobile. All worked out.

Christina said...

Oh no! It was good-luck they had just picked up a spare vehicle. I'm so glad all cars and family members are back home, safely!