Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Slightly-Open Door Policy

Early this month we had our first visitors to our offering on Airbnb, which we used to book our place in Seattle when we traveled there last summer.  The deal was, list your own place to stay and you get 20 bucks off, so we did.  Little did we know that people would want to stay here!  But, apparently, they would!

In fact, while we were IN Seattle in July, we had our first request to stay, but that wouldn't work, so it wasn't until October, when two traveling Wisconsonites, seen here in a corny photo shot in Mitchel after they left, booked with us and actually stayed.  Same day as our return from the marathon?  Sure.  They were a lively pair, and we enjoyed having them stay with us on their journey west.  We look forward to having more visitors.

As of today, our August House is the ONLY place in eastern South Dakota to stay using Airbnb.

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