Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Moving Day

    Yesterday was moving day for our friends Stacey and Andre, and I helped move their few belongings into a big beautiful new (to them) house on Egan Avenue, one certainly over a century old. It went pretty smoothly except for a box spring that didn't want to go up the stairs into the bedroom, but a little minor carpentry, furniture repair work on the box spring, it squeezed up the stairs and we put it back together in the bedroom. 
     I got good news on the Toyota Tacoma that I bought from Tammy after Steve died and left it sitting in the driveway. It had a very bad miss, and Travis at Roger's Service was not hopeful about what it might be, but it turned out to be a failed injector, which they were able to replace yesterday. So I'll sell the Ranger and the Jeep and we'll be back to having just two vehicles here over the winter. That's the way we like it. 
    The Tacoma comes with a nice topper, and I still have to put tires on it, since the ones that are on it are virtually bald.  People say that not not knowing how bald we used to be willing to drive on tires, but these are bald bald.  
    Yesterday also included a walk to Tammy's to pick up the Tacoma, driving the rig to Roger's, walking home.  Then moving assistance.  Then a trip to Sioux Falls and grocery shopping for us and Mom at Costco and HyVee.  Then picking up chicken tikki masala for us and the JordanBerry's at Shahi Palace, and a drive home.  Then supper, and then a visit to Mom and my brother Jim, visiting on his way to St. Louis.  
    So it continues with the COVID-19 situation.  Trying to find balance between life as we once knew it and staying safe, especially from those who call the whole thing a hoax, a way to sell a lot of masks and destroy the planet by throwing masks on the ground, where they stay because nobody wants to pick them up.  

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