Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brother, Can You Spare 2:37?

In Paris, we enjoyed the street and metro musicians and managed to record a few on the street, in metro stations, and in the trains. Many were very good. Here is a mix of those musicians, created with Audacity. Enjoy!

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P. Block said...


Listening to your recording of musicians from Paris, I was struck by the memories of some of the performers in the 'tube' in London. They have performance spots, outlined on the floor, where musicians play during set times of the day, to make the commute easier. A few of these players brought chills to my spine hearing them echo, ghostly, through the tunnels before seeing them. For all of my techno-geekiness, I did not have a way in which to record them, and had I, I likely would not have thought of it. Thank you for bringing the sounds of Paris to us all.