Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Last Word from Paris (for now)

Here we sit in the little internet cafe, with 99 other computer users around us while Paris waits for our last onslaught. Tomorrow we head for home. We've worn our feet and legs nearly to the bone, but our heads are full of the sights and sounds and tastes of the city. More will come. We should have pictures and sound to tickle your senses. Sorry, no tasty treats for you readers. Friends at home, however, may get a treat if they greet us with "bon jour!" when we return. We, on the other hand, have some apple pastries from the best patisserie in Paris, the one in Montparnasse.

If you're a Paris reader, you can use the last of my minutes by using my username of wcneub and my password of htkgtx. I should have about 25 minutes left! It's at the XS Arena at St. Michel. If you look around right now, I'm the guy with the beautiful woman at my side. Later!


J. Blessinger said...

I'm first! Bon jour!

Hope you're having a wild time. How we gonna keep you down on the farm now?

elena said...

"bon jour" john nelson

P. Block said...

Bonjour. Cela ressemble à de vous a eu un voyage très passionnant.