Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Way the World Looks from Here

General Beadle, at left, serves as an emblem for today's lesson on perspective. This morning, in Beadle Hall, Dr. J. was addressing his students in a nearby classroom about the importance of understanding different perspectives. Who is pretty? Who is handsome? What is a lot of money? How tall is a tall woman? They talked about their answers (including how men either say that they are handsome or don't say anyone). But the message came across--everyone has their own perspective. Again, at a meeting this afternoon, some noted how many people chose not to come, and what they said to excuse their choice. They saw things differently than we did. L. told a story about how women were manhandled on a trip to Mexico and how customs officers gave them a talking-to on their return. Finally, an art display by students gave a final illustration. One class painted versions of a statue of Gen. B., left. Each showed a distinct style and color--from a Stalin-era pro-Soviet propaganda poster style to an Easter Island looking figure. And then, when our group was looking them over, we all chose different ones as the best.

We all get to say our say. Who speaks for us all?

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