Monday, March 06, 2006

A Word From Paris

They finished to Eiffel Tower in time for the wife and I to get to the top and look over the city. It's a great place to travel, see the sites, and eat good food. So far we have been busy. Today we went up to the Sacre Coeur up in Montmartre, climbed around the city, ate at the Deux Moulins, where they filmed part of Amelie, went over to the flea market at St. Ouen, walked around St. Germaine to Montparnasse to Hemingway's haunts, saw the St. Surplice, walked some more, took a break at our great hotel, the Agora St. Germaine, and then walked over at dark back to the river, stopped at the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore, walked across the island to the rive droit, then back across the Pont Nuef bridge (just refurbished), and then back as far as this internet spot where I thought it was time to check in here. No chance for pictures, sound, or video yet, but they're coming.

We're good here. The legs are holding out.

Note--this was just today! Yesterday was just as busy. Whew!


April said...

I'm munching on some French Silk pie right now (for one of the attorneys' birthday) in a way, I feel like I'm there too. :-)

Hope you guys are having fun!

P. Block said...

Wow, sounds like you are having an amazing time! I am envious! Enjoy the rest of your time there.