Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In Without Knocking

Me and the little woman moseyed over to J and C's place for a fine evening meal with TQ, good conversation and laughter. Telling stories and eating spaghetti, playing with the weiner doggie and topping things off with some dandy Eli's cheesecake. Oh, my. With blueberries.

The conversation turned somehow, from computers and teaching, to the wild west, Charlie Russell and roping grizzly bears. Now how did that happen? Badger led us there, and o-possum, who seems to have come to South Dakota from out of the south. J got out his picture book, Before Barbed Wire, and we mused over some old western photos and Russell's In Without Knocking, which I was thinking appeared on a Pure Prairie League album cover, but it was on a Mission Mountain Wood Band album, which you can see here. A big saaaa-lute to the internet.

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