Friday, May 19, 2006

100 Posts and Counting

Looking back over the posts that I've put up here, trying out the blogger medium, I can see that it's some insight into the value of small town life that I try to show, in part. I did want to avoid taking sides on politics, foisting one view over another, and that's a goal this blog meets. There's enough of those out there. I say a little bit about my academic and pedagogical interests, but only the surface of them. I like being able to offer some information about my family and friends and some of the traveling and visiting the wife and I do. But mostly I enjoy sharing some small observations about nature and the everyday, just keeping a window open to the joy of living.
I had my students keep a blog about their research projects in one of my courses, but they didn't like it very much, partly because it seemed to them they were keeping it in a vaccum, not enough feedback.
There's not a lot of feedback here either, but enough to keep me going, and I like doing it for the sake of putting something out there, and it keeps me coming back to the keyboard, not a bad thing.
Anyway, thanks to those of you who seem to be watching. We'll see what happens as the next hundred posts come down the pike.

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