Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Please Respect Our Spider

I hesitate to write about my latest activity, since the wife and I went to KC and didn't call our friends M and KK and our other friends C and RB were also there (though we didn't find our until we had left).
It was an anniversary trip, though, so we kept to ourselves and zipped all over town and saw all sorts of things, which I might mention later. I'm posting a few pics of the Crying Giant and the Spider at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Great stuff there.
We also saw a play, heard some jazz, had some great barbeque, shopped, met a famous person who turned out to be very nice, relaxed, drove all over KC, had car trouble, had our first martini each, saw great art, and watched a little cable TV (since we don't have cable at home), saw our first opera ever (put on by The Kansas City Puccini Festival at the Folly Theatre) and enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Phillips, right downtown.

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April said...

TMI = Too Much Information

Which famous person did you meet? Sounds like you guys had a nice trip--Happy Anniversary! My car has been acting up--it loses power when idling. We tried to figure it out, but after I looked through my Chilton, my guess is that it's the PCM (Powertrain Control Module, I think). We'll see.