Monday, May 22, 2006

Imaginary Chickencoops and Houses

Sometimes things don't turn out like you plan. Charlie Sawen worked his place for years, and he built his house by hand, as far as it got. He never finished it, though, and he never quite got to the chicken coop that he planned. So, all those rocks he piled up for the project just ended up sitting there, shaded more and more by the spreading cedar tree, and Sunday the wife and I loaded up some of the smaller rocks to use in the back yard.
Maybe it's some tribute that we both knew that the rocks were once destined for another project, a gentle reminder that plans often go awry, don't get finished, get set aside. Now the old house too is slated for being burned, a threat to people who ignore the "keep out" signs and the trees growing in the entryway.

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