Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Marla Gibbs to the Rescue

This entry has two parts--commentary on going to a play and a description of what happened after.
As part of our trip to KC, we had tickets for the New Theatre's presentation of Neil Simon's Proposals, starring Marla Gibbs, who played Florence, the housekeeper on The Jeffersons, a popular TV show some years ago (a spinoff from All in the Family).
It was a great play, funny and touching, and Gibbs played a sassy housekeeper much like her Jefferson's character. The writing was sharp and witty, and the characters were interesting and played well by the talented actors.
Now to part two. We had had some trouble with the car overheating on this hot day, and we parked it in the parking lot knowing there might be a problem to deal with later. So, after the play we walked over to a nearby discount store and bought some coolant and walked back. As we walked by the theatre, the actors were just leaving. First we saw Josh Stein-Sapir and Jennifer Mays, and then we saw Marla Gibbs go by in her car. We walked on to the dark parking lot where our car was the only one still there, and we saw Gibbs' car drive up as we were tending to the car (the hood was up). She asked if all was well, and the wife (a one-time Jeffersons watcher) said that it was. Gibbs drove to the other side of the parking lot and stayed there for a time with another car. A few minutes later we were finishing up and she came by again. Smiling and generous, she asked again if all was well, and we told her it was and thanked her again for her great performance. It was cool, and we had no more trouble with the car. Thanks, Marla!
The pic below is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

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P. Block said...

It is always nice when someone 'famous' turns out to be a real, nice person. So many times those we have put into positions of public exposure let that fame go to their heads and become less than pleasant.

Sounds like you had a good time.