Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dune Buggy Rides Again

Left cooped up in a Ramona barn until this week, the dune buggy is ready to ride again, just in time for the Scholarship Car Show tomorrow. There will be good cars there. Last year a local guy brought his 1956 Thunderbird, some guys from Mitchell brought some rat rods, and several people brought their great Corvettes.
And afterwards, there will be the pleasure of cruising around town, the wind in my remaining hair, six-year-olds bugging their eyes out, shouting, "cool car!" What do the muscle car guys know? Posted by Picasa


P. Block said...

As a VW fan, bitten by the bug many years ago, I have to say, sweet ride.

April said...

Those are some pretty wicked wheels...I don't remember those.

JN said...

My friend Eric was switching out wheels and gave me a great deal on these, along with the tires. It sure changes the way it looks!