Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another Busy Week

This week kept throwing me curve balls and though I kept swinging, it wasn't always clear which were strikes and which were hits. Tabloids came in for the Chautauqua, evening events came up on Wednesday and Friday, graduation is today, one of my final exams was botched up on WebCT (leading to some grumpy students), my application for promotion and tenure was granted, more rejected poems came back, a woman called me "Mr. Chautauqua," free mochas came my way, final projects came in, meetings gobbled up several hours, the wife and I completed the 2006 edition of New Tricks, and my grading of final projects is moving along slowly. I'll be glad to get through this next few days and enjoy some summertime.

1 comment:

P. Block said...

Congrats on the promotion and tenure! I had no doubt you would get it.