Monday, July 17, 2006

Chautauqua Hits Its Stride

After tonight, only one more day remains of the Great Plains Chautauqua in Madison, and when they leave here on Wednesday, they will set up camp in Pierre, which hit 117 degrees on Saturday. It's supposed to be cooler later in the week, both here and there. We're hoping for a good crowd tonight and an even better tomorrow.
So far crowds have been okay, considering the heat, and the conditions under the tent aren't bad once you get sat down and let the breeze work its magic. The first night, William Clark (Patrick McGinnis) played his role as explorer and adventurer to the hilt, and Saturday his manservant York (Charles Everett Pace) was an excellent example of a man committed to his charge. Last night Tecumseh (Jerome Kills Small) made his point clear in opposition to American expansion into his people's homeland. Tonight Jerome Tweton plays John Jacob Astor. Much more is going on, and you can look at the Chautauqua pics on my Flickr site.

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Deana said...

I must say that I've enjoyed the events tremendously--especially the workshops. I had almost forgotten what an exhilarating experience it can be participating in an exchange between a knowledgeable, articulate scholar and an enthusiastic, inquisitive audience. It has been a week filled with opportunities to learn and to entertain new ways of looking at events and relationships. Thanks to the Chautauquans and to you for bringing them here.