Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let's Meet Our Friend the Chigger

There's nothing humorous about chigger bites, not a damned thing. They itch, they hurt, they look like hell. But it's not always clear whether you actually have chigger bites, since they might look like spider bites or something else. But these little rascals are not friendly, and they don't have a dramatic mythology to give them that street cred. They're just nasty. Take a look at this fellow.

Now take a look at the damage he and his mates did to my mate (at least he's the primary suspect). There might not have been poison ivy poisoning, but there was damned sure ill effects from the lovely Roy Lake camping expedition.

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P. Block said...

Well now, that brings back memories of mis-spent days at Boy Scout camp, avoiding the planned activities for long treks through the woods and hills to the nearest lake, stream, or dug-out for a refreshing swim under the noon-day sun. Seems that chiggers, ticks, and leeches were often returning companions after these excursions...