Sunday, July 30, 2006

Watching My Runner Advance

The wife used to scoff at my running habit, wondering what motivated me, why I would take some pleasure in the pain of running a marathon or such as the 10K here in Madison on Saturday that nearly cooked my goose. But now she has a pair of running shoes herself, some running shorts and other athletic apparel. She wants a pair of shorts that don't chafe her thighs. She wants a pair of good earbuds that don't pop out as she runs and that still sound good. She's thinking about a new pair of running shoes. She reads my Runner's World magazines and the CoolRunning forums. She's also been tracking her workouts at CoolRunning. And now, she's got a runner's watch, one that will keep track of her lap times. Best of all, she's got a PR for that first 5K. I'm proud of her. Posted by Picasa

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