Friday, July 21, 2006

Evolution of a Carp and His Pond

My little pond along my running route is going through a transition. Too bad. Even my heron has bugged out. I should have known maybe that the carp in the pond were starving for oxygen in the heat and lack of rain, and the other day there was clear proof--the tactile odor of dead fish wafting across the gravel road. Here you see some small fish, bullheads, I think, sipping at the air, but a day later they too had turned belly-up.
Not all pictures worth looking at are pretty.

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Tracy said...

geez.. that's a lot of dead fish.

P. Block said...

Let the carp sleep with the humans is what I, if it were a river full of trout or a lake full of bass dying, I might feel a bit more compassionate. I do empathize with the scent problem that a multitude of dead fishes creates. One of my regular running routes takes me behind the meat packing plant and on a hot day, when the wind is right, the scent is palatable. Eww...