Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4 According to the Dune Buggy

If the dune buggy is in the Ramona parade, then it must be the Fourth of July, Independence Day, Firecracker Day, and my niece Melanie's birthday (along with George M. Cohan). It must be the anniversary of that day when my grandma told me, "Don't let one of those blow up in your hand," just before a big Black Cat exploded next to my ear and made my head and hand throb for the rest of the day, especially when the big boomers rattled the air over Lake Herman.
But enough about me. The dadgum Ramona Fire Department put on a heck of a fireworks display with plenty of dazzle. J and C B, with A, came for the big show, as did SR. Cool.
As you see here, the poor vehicle was enlisted to hawk the Madison Chautauqua, which it did well, though it much prefers spinning cookies in the Howard High School parking lot. Posted by Picasa

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