Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gettin' with Junior Brown's Guit-Steel

Junior Brown, who's playing at the Bob Dylan concert on Sept. 8 (for which I have tickets) has been the headlights in my nighttime mirror all day. Here's a video I found of him playing with Redd Voelkert and Jimmy Vaughan live at Antone's in Austin on July 26, 2006. This was the encore, where Junior invited friends who were there to play and they joined him onstage for a 10 minute jam. Lucky lucky me!

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Pastor Jonathan C. Watt said...

John! Dylan! If the message could be green it would be. Alas, I don't have tickets and couldn't go even if I did. My wife and I agree on many things, Dylan isn't one of them. I love him. She hates him (if those words could be red they would be). So, I play Dylan privatly and speak of his music even less often. So enjoy the concert! Let me know how it goes. Pastor Watt.