Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Walk in the Woods

It's easy to love a day like today, a cool morning, a gradually appearing sun warming into the afternoon to make all things possible, including a walk at the lake, where I brought my trusty pocket camera and took a few more pictures before the thing destructs like the cheap piece of crap it is. In the meantime, I like having a pocket camera.
The day also included church services, where PW reminded us to shake off the grudges we all bear and open our arms to our fellow strugglers. Then lunch with J, M, and DB to celebrate D's birthday tomorrow and try out M's smokin' new guitar and amp.
Then some lounging about, talking, and a walk at the lake that included some young adults poking at a dead mammal on the road for fun. Otherwise very nice, and I got a chance to show the wife the tree that didn't try to kill me after all.
Finally, we went out and saw the new Will Ferrell movie, about which I will probably have more to say later. Right now I'm trying to think more about Marilynne Robinson's book Gilead, which is incompatible with the kind of crude humor, violence, and commercialism in the film. So I'll return to that novel and let the commentary on the Nascar whoopee sit on the back burner.
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