Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Student Who Made My Day

After meetings this morning and a good lunch with colleagues, working our way into the semester's beginning gradually, I met with a student, one of my advisees, whose progress toward a degree has been spotty and lacking direction, but sometimes marked with notable success. He's trying to get enrolled and on track for completing his degree, but he's not sure about what direction to point himself. I encouraged him, working through some of the possibilities and opportunities he has before him, the promise of more money and a better life that any bachelor's degree will give him. We looked for some time at options and talked about his goals, and he seemed bouyed by the options he had before him. When he left, he told me, "You made my day."
That was enough. I had reached him in the place where he was, drew him out of that, and showed him a better way. And, with that, he had completed the circle, offering me something I wanted too. I'm ready for my next student visitor!

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