Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mainlining the Mall

After long proclaiming that I had no desire to go to the Mall of America and truthfully stating that I had never been there, and then, after last year, saying I'd only been there once, now I have to shut my trap. I've been there three times. I've also been to a Twins game, though I've never seen them win, and I've been to an event in the Metrodome, where, apparently, the feature attraction is Joe Mauer's butt. All that, and with my first time playing Extreme Bocce, it's like I'm spinning in place with the novelty of life. Even the trip home was novel, with a big question mark hovering over the Maxima as we followed 42 west until we found 169 south, where we shopped for apples and bought fudge instead, then detoured into Minnesota Harvest territory on the trail of peaches (only to be disappointed) and emerged in St. Peter, where we cruised the campus at Gustavus Adolphus. We drove through the dark listening to MPR and finally arrived home where over two inches of rain had fallen in our absence.
I also earned the right to be called, briefly, Lord and Master, reigning supreme in the bowling category with daughter, CA, and sontwo. The former Lord and Master was reluctant to forego his title.

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April said...

I think the rules should go that once you earn the title of Lord and Master, you get to keep it until someone else gets it. CJ and Talina were impressed with that rule and I'm sure we will be borrowing it in the future. :-) It was really good to see you this weekend! I will be working in a trip for us to get down there soon, as we are quite overdue.