Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Summer with Baseball

During my high school days the summers were filled with work, either on a ranch where I rode horses, fixed fence, or drove a tractor, or in town where I helped build the Stanley County Fairgrounds or did some other job. Meanwhile, many of my classmates spent a lot of time on the ballfield. Baseball has never had a great appeal to me, although one fall in Rapid City, I had a roommate, Keith Stern, from Chamberlain, who loved it, and his commentary during the game helped nurture some appreciation. But I did little other than try to catch a game in the World Series and a few games by the college teams. I did see the Royals play once in Kansas City, until this last weekend the only professional sporting event that I had been to. But this summer I've been to several softball games, this weekend's Twins game, and tonight a game at the Birdcage in Sioux Falls to see the Canaries play. What's the world coming to?

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