Friday, June 03, 2011

Are We Done Yet? 621 North Washington

Okay, so since January JH, the wife, and I have been working on a house that we're hoping to make a little $$.  And save an historic house, built in 1899.  It's a dandy, and it's now got a "for sale" sign out in front.  Check it out, and tell me how great it looks.  Tell the wife too, and tell your friends, especially the ones looking for a cool, friendly, historical house with some pizazz.  Check out the photos, and I'll put the link up to the listing when I have it.



Holli said...

There used to be a bed and breakfast there. As a freshman, my first commissioned logo was for The Lamppost Inn. I recognize the lamppost. :) Always liked that house on the corner - I'm sure it will sell nicely for you, looks great!

JN said...

Thanks, Holli. We worked our butts off. We took down the sign, still in great shape, and undid the bed and breakfast parts of the house. It hadn't really been converted, so there wasn't a lot to do in that way (no changed walls or anything like that). But it's a great place, and someone should be very happy there.