Monday, June 20, 2011

Food Fairies at Work Yet Again

While the wife and I were down in SF today getting my knee repaired, friends came by and left the kind of generous and thoughtful gift that comes from caring people.  And they're teaching their children their ways.  Here's a depiction of me and Anna on a bicycle after my knee gets better.  Well, maybe just practicing, since my knees in the drawing don't seem to be fully flexible.  

Prizes to those who post a proper translation of the caption offered by a beginning speller.

Thank you, fairies!  


Holli said...

Love it! As a future art teacher, I enjoy seeing AB's stage of artistic development - right on track. :)

"It is you and me"?

JN said...

Holli, you are right on the mark! Want to try another? My own daughter April's first attempt was this: INOHOTT#SBL.

I was so proud! She was not quite four.

JN said...

Oh, your prize, Holli? It's this: You're the Tops!

Holli said...

I know how to spell! Love it.