Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knees Before and After

Posted by PicasaOkay, so it doesn't look like much, just a couple of small holes, one punched on each side of the knee for camera and roto-rooter access.  But here's hoping the little procedure does the trick and takes the cringe out of running.  It's really not that painful, what with my medications and all, and I'm able to walk about and do pretty much as I please as long as generally I'm keeping the knee elevated and icing it on schedule.  I've got high hopes!

Meanwhile, we've started watching Twin Peaks on Netflix and are enjoying the bizarre soap-opera/mystery/drama/comedy in order.  Oh, Laura Palmer, what has become of you?   


Melody said...

Hey John,
Kraig just had this exact surgery. His creaky knee was causing him problems on the job site. Hope you are fully recovered! Melody

CassieMarie said...

*hoping for a fast recovery!*

JN said...

Thanks! Melody, it's good to hear from you. Tell Kraig hello and best wishes on his recovery! I hope you're being as good a nurse as Deana.