Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Cinematic Dream, 80 Years Old

I was a 19-year-year-old hick from South Dakota who loved movies like "Vanishing Point" and "Evel Knievel" when I was introduced to "Un Chien Andalou" at a David Bowie concert at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt in 1976.  It blew my mind, opening up a whole new film experience for me.  Check out this brief introduction from A. O. Scott at The New York Times.


Curtis said...

Hi Jim, new to your blog.

I saw Un Chien Andalou the first time at a film history class with Stan Brakhage at the U. of CO. I became a big Bunuel fan, then several of the other surrealists, progressing to David Lynch. Saw Bowie at the same hall in 1982. Good memories, and thanks for sharing your post.

JN said...

For some reason your post, Curtis, reminded me of a strange, light, surrealist film by the Monkees, "Head." Worth checking out. Thanks for the post.