Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Minesectomy and Explanation

I've been gimping along with a sore knee for over a year, but I hope it's largely over now with yesterday's minesectomy, explained in this video by Dr. Allan Mishra.  My doctor is Dr. Pete Rodman, who's retiring this year after a long and successful career, which was recapped in an article that just happened to appear in yesterday's Argus Leader.  

I'll follow their directives, take good care of the wounded knee, and try to get back to running and biking ASAP.


Phil B said...

Good luck on the recovery! I had my right knee done back in high school and it tool some time until it was back to 100%, but it was amazing the difference in made. No longer was I dealing with the constant dull throb and the more than periodic sharp pain from re injuring it. (My doc estimated that I had healed and re-torn it upwards of twelve times - six of them resulted in doc/er trips and weeks of immobilization)

Ibuprofen is your friend for the next few days...

JN said...

Thanks for the note, Phil. I've been pretty lucky for all the running I've done over the years that things still work as well as they do. I think it's healing up nicely. Not really a lot of pain, just taking it easy.