Monday, April 03, 2006

23 Years and Better Than Ever

It's my daughter's birthday today, so you can click on her link here and see what she's got to say about it, or you can take my word for it. Her man Chester put on a great surprise party for her Saturday, with a cotton candy machine and a projector for some awesome PS2 and DDR games. He managed to get people in to MLPS from Duluth, Fargo, and Sisseton without her knowledge, and she came home to a big surprise. Then today, she took the day off and enjoyed a beautiful spring day very much unlike the blizzard that greeted her arrival in Laramie, Wyoming on Easter Sunday, 1983. I've been trying to be a good dad ever since, with mixed results. The daughter, though, turned out just dandy, and she just keeps getting better every day. Posted by Picasa

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April said...

Thanks for plugging my birthday, and for the flowers, Dad! Also, thanks for making my birthday possible. :-)