Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lining Up for a Leap of Faith

It's 157 days away, but the Twin Cities Marathon registration starts today, and it fills up fast, so after grabbing my first cup of coffee, I sat down and pegged October 1 as a day I'll try it all again, 26.2 miles of running, despite last year's foot problems two weeks before the race that kept me from even going to the cities. If you're interested, the TCM people also hold a 10 mile race and a 5K race that same weekend. They figure 250,000 people come to watch the marathon, and that's no joke. Having people lining the entire course from the Metrodome to the capitol, cheering and shouting encouragement, makes it a bit less an individual leap and more a kind of group mental and physical effort, satisfying in ways that the long solo runs are not.


Eric said...

Good luck to you in your 12th running! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

April said...

That's what I really like about even the smaller 5ks. I'll sign up for the 5k that weekend, and who knows what will come about next year!

P. Block said...

You certainly have more chutzpa than I! I think about 26.2 and it brings a lump to my throat and a biting pain to my calves...Someday I want to run a marathon, but I certainly need to build up to it. I think the first step would be to get the nerve to run out steps! Good luck with this go round, if you ever want to trail run with someone very, very, extremely slow...give me a shout.