Sunday, April 30, 2006

Buckskin Bible Revue--Layin' Down Tracks

After having heard of this CD, Big as a Chicken, from one of my sisters, I finally checked it out and quickly placed my order, and not just because the lead singer is my brother Jay. His group, the Buckskin Bible Revue, plays a get-down, jiggle-foot bluegrass/rock/punk combo--mandolin, fiddle, and slide guitar complementing the standard instruments. Damn fine, judging from song samples listed on the website, as follows: 1. Part of the Van
2. Two Bucks
3. Lifeblood
4. Check List
5. Imaginary Circles
6. World Spinning Round
7. Times
8. The Bananas
9. Payin My Dues
Check out their playdates, too--Wish I could be there!
  • May 9th '06--Sockeye Brewery - Boise, ID
  • May 12th '06--Terrapin Station - Boise, ID
    (Opening for Free Peoples)
  • May 21st '06--Eagle Island Experience - Eagle, ID
  • June 10th '06--Warm Lake Idaho (private affair)
  • July 13th '06--Common Ground Cafe, McCall, Id. (w/Tony Furtado)
  • September 15th '06--Hyde Park St. Fair, Boise, Id.
Pass the word!


April said...

Apparently these guys are good enough for All Things Considered... :-) Check it out!

JN said...

You meant that Gogol Bordello is good enough? I didn't hear a mention of Buckskin Bible Revue. ???

April said...

Actually, I did check out BBR, and really enjoyed it. Toyed with the idea of buying a copy, and am keeping that thought in the back of my mind. Too bad they're only touring in ID...maybe someday, if enough people buy their CD. :-) Thanks for posting this, by the way. I know Becky mentioned it on Rosemary's Babies, but I don't think the name of his band was ever mentioned.