Saturday, April 29, 2006

Something Old: Something New

Last night we attended the athletic department's "barn dance," which wasn't a barn dance at all but rather a dance in the armory complete with plastic decorations in the shape of steer skulls and cowboy boots. It was pretty well attended, mostly by an older set who came to kick up their heels and cut the rug. What do the kids know--dancing's a good time, and once upon that time I could stay on the dance floor all night long.
The band, Something New, was no group of youngsters, but their repertoire of 50's and 60's hits was a good match for the crowd, and they were certainly a practiced group, with some medleys that were well-constructed and performed. The lead singer, Randy Woods, interested me most, giving his all on such vocal standards as "Unchained Melody" and "The Midnight Hour," often effectivey harmonizing with the others on Beatles tunes or other multi-part harmonies. His sidekick, John McCormick, played a great lead guitar and had an impressive falsetto that he put to good use.
In all, well worth the seven bucks to get in, along with the $3.50 per ticket you could redeem for something they called "new age" beers.
Plus, I met a guy who was a SD high school cross-country and track runner that I probably (sort of) competed against--Randy Fisher, a DSU athletics guy. It was a good time.

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