Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dog on a Leash

People keep dogs in town, but most dogs don't seem to appreciate being kept in a yard or tied up. Some seem desparate, frantic, when they see someone moving around, and they'll leap and bark and lunge to the end of their tethers trying to attack or warn or scare away someone walking by. It's an unpleasant scene, the poor dog straining at his chain, its boundary identified by the circle of bare ground in the yard.
Nearby, one neighbor keeps two hounds in a small cage, and they bark at any noise, whether it's there or not.
Our poor old little Walter, a Boston terrier, would usually rather be inside on his master's lap, but the fenced-in back yard usually gives him enough space to roam. He's small, just like our house and our back yard, and so is our little town, a place where we usually look the other way from people who keep dogs on chains so the poor animals can pester people out for a ride or a stroll.

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Little W's Lap Lackey said...

What, no Walter? The perfect opportunity to include a photo of the little guy, and you choose instead to give that yappy Keeshond his 15 minutes of fame? What gives?