Friday, April 21, 2006

Running from Conference to Conference

A busy day. This afternoon I read a paper on growing up in Ft. Pierre at the Dakota Conference and tomorrow I race up to Fargo for another conference where I'm reading a paper on a book by James Welch--The Heartsong of Charging Elk, one of his best books. That one is the Red River Conference on World Literature. I hope it goes well.
I enjoyed meeting some people today at the conference, one of whom was Bernie Hunhoff of the South Dakota Magazine. We had a good discussion about poetry and other kinds of writing in his magazine. I was also pleased to meet the people at the South Dakota Historical Society Press, who seemed mildly interested in the things I was writing. Two of my students were at the reading, which made me feel good, and one of them is reading a paper tomorrow there on a story by JB.
Plus, the wife and I enjoyed a great meal at Spezia's in Sioux Falls and a good drive home in the cool and still evening air. A good day. Now I need to sleep and get up early and go to Fargo!

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P. Block said...

I hope your conference went well for you. Amazingly, I did not freeze up from stage fright while reading my work today. Much fun had by all. Well, most of us anyway.