Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rosemary in Town

Mom came to town yesterday to hear the MasterSingers put on our concert in Howard, and it was so darned good she's sticking around for the performance tomorrow. I hope it's worth it. It should be; the acoustics in St. Thomas here in Madison are much better, and there will be a bigger crowd, but I was pleased with the sound in Howard Friday night.

One thing that improves the entertainment value and attendance are the kids we performed with. Third-graders can't do very much wrong.

Tonight we went out to Geno's on Lake Madison, where we enjoyed a pleasant meal, food that you can't prepare by simply dropping a frozen whatever in a hot vat of oil.

So, some pleasant conversation, good food, some papers graded, and some student blogs checked out. Not a bad day.

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Dan said...

Would it be possible to record some of the concert and give us who could not be there half a minute's bliss?