Sunday, April 23, 2006

To Fargo, Howard, and Home

The weekend weather hear was fantastic, in the seventies with no wind or bugs, the sun shining and the birds twittering. But I was on the road most of Saturday, a trip to Fargo to the Red River Conference, where I heard papers on Martin Buber and a Neil Bissoondath, German and Caribbean writers. The conference there focused on world literature, so my being a specialist in American lit kept throwing people off. But our makeshift session made for a great fit, and the discussion afterward was lively and inspiring, focusing on the nature of identity and emigration, in part. My only regret--I didn't get to see or have lunch with my son David up in Fargo.
I got home in time for a cookout and a pleasant evening with friends here at our home, and Sunday brought a trip to Howard for services and a kraut and wurst dinner. Good stuff. This afternoon the wife and I tidied up the place a bit, working outdoors in the sun. After all the intellectual activity, it was a treat to fire up the chainsaw and fell a pesky tree in the backyard. It was big enough to give a satisfying WHOOMP! as it hit the ground. Plus, I got the mower ready for the summer, mowed the grass, vacuumed the car, cleaned the garage, and listened to a great James Taylor album. Then I went jogging and survived a near-tussel with a little evil demon of a dog. I've cleaned my office and now I'm easing into Monday. Cheers!


Dan said...

And while you were doing all that cool stuff, I just sat on my a$$.

JN said...

Well, that's fine if you did. You had your own busy weekends.