Monday, April 17, 2006

Why I Pay Taxes

A single person can't do a whole lot on his own, no matter what a few successful people might say. The idea is, you turn over a little something to support community projects, national goals, a way of life--and you have ownership in how your money is used, whether you believe in the ideas or not. So we end up both proud of and tainted by how the money is spent, maybe new playground equipment for the city park or maybe a cruise missle. Today I made my peace with those taxes, sealed them up and sent them in. I scraped my initials once in the wet concrete for a curb the city was putting in; I try to put my mind on the good things my money might be spent on, a curb or a triathlon or a land fill or a library or a child's art project, where I imagine my initials. The rest? I'll keep paying my taxes so I have a right to stand against them.

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April said...

You know Dad, I always liked your handwriting. I was dreading my daily trip to the Post Office today, but it was just like any other day. Good night!