Saturday, February 18, 2006

Big Day in the Big City

Yesterday we trekked our way from our dinky town and today we enjoyed supper in Dinkytown, up above the KitKat Club to Annies on the second floor, where they are generous with the fries and onion rings, which they should be, being so close to the U of M. We got to see two of my kids, who took us earlier to the Mall of America, where we walked past a wide variety of vendors, sampled some cheese and wine, and escaped with most of our finances intact.

The photo is a typical scene from the trip from Madison to Minneapolis, a four and a half hour drive. If the picture looks cold, it was, and last night it got to 20 below. Enough to frost your nostrils!

The primary cause of the trip was my wife's part in a presentation from a DSU delegation, showing what good things people are doing with computers in our English classrooms.

We don't get to see trains often in Madison, so it was fun to see and hear the big boy in the second photo here.

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