Thursday, February 02, 2006

Letter to an agent

A big milestone. I've been thinking about a book, and writing chapters, for years, and I did little about publishing it until lately. I wrote a letter to an agent, so now it's out there in the breeze, my little book proposal, with an offer of some chapters from the manusript so far. We'll see what happens.

What's the book? It's a memoir, with my brother and me as the star attractions, the main event. Mainly it seems to show how unsupervised we were, able to roam free and play at will. I don't remember being called for supper; we knew when to be there, and if we weren't, we risked the loss of our share of the grub. There were ten kids in our family, all of us with healthy appetites. When food was served, you moved fast.

I have read some bits and pieces of this to some groups of people in the area, and I've had positive responses, so I'm hoping the agent, who was the agent for Haven Kimmel's beautiful and funny memoir Zippy, will be reponsive to my offer. We'll see.

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