Friday, February 03, 2006

The Second Round

My brother Joe sent me a message about a new film that he's in: The Second Round. It is is being screened at the SF Indiefest in San Francisco. He's on the poster, he says, but I didn't think it looked like him. The directions are at this link:

Some info about the movie is at this link:

A complete listing of the festival and films is at:

The director says that it’s made it into three film festivals so far: The Del Ray Beach film festival (Del Ray Beach, FL.) March 8-12, Tiburon International Film Festival (Tiburon, CA March 9-20), and last but not least the San Francisco Independent Film Festival (SF, CA Feb. 2-12). It is showing Feb. 4th 4:30pm at the Roxie Theatre and Feb. 12th 7:00pm at the Women's Building ( Just around the corner from the Roxie). For more information on where the theatres are and to purchase tickets you can go to If you are local and plan to go, try and get tickets in advance. It is listed under MINI MOVIES "Second Round".

Way to go, Joe!

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