Friday, February 24, 2006

USPS Working for You

The US Postal Service offers some services I didn't know about, including printing newsletters and mailing them out. You set up the type of publication you want to send, upload the document from, say, Publisher, and the guys with eagles on their hats will print, staple, fold, address, and mail it out, all for less than what it might cost you to print it. And no paper cuts on your tongue!

They call it NetPost, and not only newsletters, but postcards, gift cards, booklets, and flyers are available. Even certified letters. You upload the document and mailing list, choose the paper and form of publication, and they'll send them out, bulk rate if you have enough. If you have struggled with bulk mailings, you know how nice it would be to shed that problem.

Thanks for the tip, Pastor Watt!

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