Sunday, February 05, 2006

Job and Squirrels

Today I heard part of the story of Job, how plagues came down upon him and he kept his faith in God, how, while he scraped his scabs with shards of pottery, he maintained his belief that the way the world worked was right and that God knew far more about order than he did. It's not a comforting thought, that God would be willing to test one of his truly faithful just to make a point.

Later I was driving home and kept seeing squirrels running around out in the cold. Coming down a gravel road one must have found himself on the wrong side of the car, so he scurried down the gravel road, probably a quarter mile, until he could scamper into a tree. I stayed back in the car, keeping my distance. Later yet I saw more squirrels out by Lake Madison, and even more later, one of which came up next to the car as I was pulling into the driveway. It stopped, eyed the ticking car, and calmly ate some snow from a dirty snowbank before it hopped away.

What were the squirrels doing out today? I don't know. The brain may be wider than the sky, but today there were things afoot, at least for squirrels, that I didn't know. It may not be comforting that there is more order to the world than I can comprehend, but then it is. I don't have to understand everything. The squirrels have a part to play; something had them on the move today.

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dhn said...

This is my favorite entry. I take comfort in knowing I don't have to understand the complexities of the universe. I'm working on being as content as the squirrels on a balmy winter day.