Sunday, February 12, 2006

Social Webbing

I've been looking at blogs and oddball stuff this morning, and it's interesting to see the many ways in which people can become networked through various tools, each finding a kind of niche. College students are enjoying and and the like, where they can form groups, share pictures, comment on each others' pages and more, all within a relatively safe environment, though some are pointing out that having students congregate in such spaces gives the site owners a nicely defined audience and market. Apparently these sites are getting more traffic, by some measures, than Google!

I'm not interested so much in the two sites above, but others seem more promising. I like the idea of Library Thing. Sharing pictures is also a key attraction, and everyone is getting on that bandwagon. I was a big fan of eCircles while it lasted; it must have been before its time. My family kept it busy. R.I.P.

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Jules said...

I agree with the internet constantly featuring new ways to congregate. The latest seems to be linking between people who know each other (six degrees of separation?).

P.s. I like your wife's coat. Very cool. No pun intended, oops!