Monday, February 13, 2006

Lucky Me

I'm having my students writing about the use of short films for advertising products such as cars, drinks, and other products. Some are contest entries, and it's really quite impressive what some people have done in this short form. BMW had a series of short films directed by prominent filmmakers, but they're no longer available on the BMW website. Too bad; many used recognizable actors, all featuring Clive Owen.

Others include the Ford "Focus in Film" series (available now only on Atom Films), the Skyy Vodka film series (go to the Skyy Cinema link), and the Chrysler film contest entries. The Converse Gallery is also inventive in the array of very short films that people have sent in.

But one of the most ambitious is the site called Meet the Lucky Ones. It's strange and intriguing, more than simply a film, rather an interactive storytelling site.

Sure, there are lots of odd clips on the web that show people doing strange and unusual things, caught off-guard and vulnerable, but I like these films that are deliberately constructed. Their makers know they have to be good to keep their viewers, who know the whole thing is meant to get them more inclined to buy the product.

Any other good ones?

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