Monday, February 20, 2006

Trip Downtown

Haircut day today, so it's a trip to see Tim. For seven dollars he gives me a trim and tells me what's going on in his life, including his son and their race car, his grandchildren and their friends.

In the back the boys play video games. He's got this great old barber chair for kids with a horsehead.

He said I could take pictures of it and the old cash register (no electricity!) and a clock with its own sense of how the moments should pass. Check my flickr account for more pics.

Then we stopped at the local coffee shop, talked prom dresses and volleyball with the girls there, and popped into the thrift store next door where they have a lot of clothes.  Posted by Picasa


jenn see said...

i dig the horsey chair...

Anonymous said...

I much preferred the race car (not pictured)