Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Okay, so last night my wife and some of her friends got their fingernails done by someone who takes fingernails very seriously. Fine. They look great. My wife didn't like the idea of having squared off nails (too radical) or plain ovals (too boring), so she went for the in-between: "squovals!" Don't they look great?

There's really only one downside. These babies cost enough and were enough trouble, that it seems to render hands incapable of actions they once found routine, and necessary. So until scuba gear arrives, elegant fingers like these are too much for warm soapy water.


Val said...

Hi, John, thanks for stopping by my blog. Not my photo of the spider, btw, I pinched it from Johnno using that "Blog this" link at the tops of our blogs.

Squovals are indeed a nice shape. However, nails should never get in the way of working, and especially should not make clickety clack noises on the keyboard!

John's Squoval Wife said...

The clickety clack noise from typing on a keyboard should never come from your fingernails hitting the keys. That would mean you were using your nails as "tools," and as my manicurist explained, that is what the pads of your fingers are for, not your nails.

I also imagine that I'll be back to doing dishes soon enough that I won't have to worry about my nails getting that long. But who am I to argue with an expert? And who can blame a girl for getting out of that chore when the opportunity presents itself?