Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chinese Tiger Puppy

Here is a picture my wife took ten years ago when she was in China. A vendor had it for sale in a street market in Shanghai, the old market. Not a place where tourists should have been, she says. The big noses didn't blend in.

But neither does this puppy. Wife swears it was not painted or dyed, but that the little guy's coloring was natural. She seems trustworthy.

Any guesses? I don't know anything about it. Posted by Picasa


MasqueradeDiva3 said...

I've lived in China and that's how my dog used to look when he was a puppy but now he's white and black and he's lost all his stripes. He's still cute though! I dont know what breed they are exactly. We just call them tiger puppies. Do you have any idea?

JN said...

I don't have any idea, but it's interesting to know that they lose the coloration and change to black and white. Strange!