Friday, February 03, 2006

Great Plains Chautauqua

Yesterday and today my friend Jim Swanson and I went to several banks in town to ask for support for bringing the Great Plains Chautauqua to town. We're in the planning stages now--had our first meeting on Tuesday afternoon and will have another next Tuesday. It's exciting, though a fair amount of work. It will come to Madison on July 13, we'll put up their big blue and white tent, and we'll be able to hear what William Clark, Sacacawea, Tecumseh, John Jacob Astor, Dolley Madison, and Clark's slave York have to say.

Madison is one of several sites in the midwest where there was a permanent Chautauqua site. Linda Venekamp, at DSU, built a site about it here, and the Smith-Zimmerman Museum in Madison has a site devoted to it here. I'm excited to be bringing it back to Madison, if only for a week.

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